2024 3rd International Conference on Informatics,Networking and Computing (ICINC 2024)

Call For Papers


Call for papers

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Wireless communication technology

◕ Information acquisition technology and application

◕ Intelligent information processing and computing

◕ Signal analysis and processing

◕ Data management, analysis and information retrieval

◕ Modeling and simulation of communication systems and networks

◕ Passive communication

◕ Source code

◕ Communication suite technology

◕ Radio frequency identification technology

◕ Information security technology

◕ Databases and information systems

◕ Feedback in the communication system

◕ Spatial signal processing

◕ Graphical signal processing in radio access networks

◕ Digital voice and audio signal processing

◕ Data mining and machine learning

◕ Data integration and visualization

◕ Image processing and fuzzy recognition

◕ Knowledge graph query and analysis

◕ Object detection and recognition

◕ Edge AI and machine learning in communications systems

◕ Sensor technology

◕ Backscatter communication

◕ IntelliSense and interaction

◕ Network Security and Network Informatics

◕ Multimedia information security

◕ Wireless communication technology and application

◕ AI-enabled radio and quality of service configuration in the network

◕ B scattering communication

◕ Energy-efficient 5G technology

◕ Energy-saving signal transmission and reception

◕ Green wireless communication

▷Intelligent communication network

◕ Cloud computing

◕ High performance computing

◕ Image analysis and calculation

◕ Open knowledge computing

◕ Digital communication and wireless technologies

◕ CNC technology

◕ Converged communication technology

◕ High-performance parallel algorithms

◕ Machine learning and automatic reasoning algorithms

◕ High-throughput applications and parallel algorithms

◕ Digital signal processing

◕ Free-space optical network

◕Wireless networking technology based on artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML).

◕ Quantum communication systems and networks

◕ Fiber optic wireless channel characteristics

◕ Optical (Li-Fi) communications and networks

◕ Network data management

◕ Wireless mesh network

◕ Distributed data processing and integration